SD-card modification to a Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 router

PCB from a Card Reader
Stripped of all slots and electronics...
...except for the SD-slot; colors of wires are as indicated; the blue wire is omitted: 6 (GND) is directly connected to 3 (GND).
Scrap keyboard.
Fixture for the SD-slot.
SD-slot temporarily attached to determine the exact place for the slot on the router's front.
Two supports glued on.
Slot on the router's front panel.
See if it all fits and make adjustments as necessary.
Wiring soldered to the SD-slot, and fixed in place with a fastener.
Connector to enable the front panel to come off separately later.
I didn't like the LED pollution when the router is operative (the cause of which can be seen here), so masked off all unused holes.
The mask.
Mask glued in place.
Soldered a serial header, to which the 3.3V (yellow) and GND (orange) wires are soldered.
The GPIO3 wire (green) soldered to the amber LED, and GPIO2 wire (red) soldered to the white LED; used one support hole
to fix all wires with a fastener; it can be missed, since the mainboard is fixed with two screws anyway.
The cut-off support.
The GPIO3 wire (green) and GPIO2 wire (red); I spilled some solder on the other lead of the amber LED, but no biggie -- I just left it in place.

The GPIO7 wire (brown) soldered to the DMZ-LED, and the GPIO4 wire (purple) soldered to the Cisco-button.
Once again the serial header, and the connector joining the SD-slot in the front panel with the main PCB connector seen in the upper left.
Everything joined up.
SD-slot glued in place; black top cover temporarily attached for final adjustments.
The finished product.